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Other Events

What's On
Meat Draw Tickets are for sale throughout the week from behind the bar.

A membership number is drawn electronically twice a week on Tuesdays between 12.30 pm - 2.00 pm and Fridays 8.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Members must be present to claim this draw.
If the member is not present then the pot is rolled over.

Held on Friday nights at 10.00 pm
Friday night is meat draw night. This is very popular. Tickets may be purchased throughout the week and there are more than 20 meat prizes to be won.
Winners to collect their prizes, by Sunday.

Lottery Bonus Ball
Do not forget to pay for your bonus ball at the bar.
Drawn live on TV Saturday Night.

The snooker room has recently been refurbished and the club now has 5 teams.
NEW PLAYERS are always welcome.

Torbay Torre Trophies Winter League

The Chairman would like to congratulate The Snooker Team

The Ladies darts team plays in the ICON league which is held in the winter.

Check out the Entertainment Calendar for the next quiz nights.


Held every other Sunday
Starts 8 p.m.
Do not miss the cash rollover.
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