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St. Marychurch & Babbacombe Conservative Club
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St. Marychurch & Babbacombe
St. Marychurch & Babbacombe Conservative Club
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This club will always welcome Members, New Members, Associate members and their guests. However, this welcome is only extended to the entrants of this club, if they abide by the rules of the club.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP RUNS FROM 1st January - 31st December
If you are interested in joining, all you need to do is come into the club and complete an application form or call the secretary or steward on 01803 411180

Each application must be supported by two existing members and you must agree to the principles of The Conservative Party.  If you are new to the area or do not know any of our members please contact the steward or the secretary on the above numbers  or via THE CONTACTS PAGE.

Why not come in and have a look around – press the door buzzer and one of our friendly staff will be delighted to help.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP RUNS FROM 1st January - 31st December
Membership (Mandatory)
Joining Fee (Mandatory)
Conservative Association Donation (Mandatory)
Key Fob (Mandatory)
Parking Permit (Optional)
Inter-Affiliation Card (Optional)
CLUB MEMBERSHIP RUNS FROM 1st January - 31st December

RENEWALS RUN FROM 1st December - 31st January
Membership (Mandatory)
Parking Permit (Optional)
Inter-Affiliation Card (Optional)
governing the
A.C.C. Inter-affiliation Scheme

(a) The holder shall be a member of an inter-affiliated Club, and not under suspension from it. The holder shall produce his/her own Club Membership Card for the inspection of some Club official showing that the member has paid his/her subscription to his/her own Club up to the date of the visit.
(b) On any occasion that the holder avails himself/herself of the privilege of admission the holder shall in the Club visited enter his/her name in the Book kept for the purpose, and shall thereby undertake to abide by the Rules and Bye-laws existing; except that the holder may not purchase excisable articles for consumption off the premises, attend or vote at meetings of the Club and shall not pay nor be required to pay any entrance fee for such admission.
(c) The holder may not claim admission to any Club of which he/she has previously been a member and from which he/she has been expelled, or by which he/she has had his/her request for membership refused, or at which he/she has terminated his/her membership in arrears of payment of subscription or other dues.
(d) The privilege of admission is an act of courtesy which may be cancelled or withheld in the interests of the Club, on any occasion, or in respect of any individual, at the discretion of the Club Committee. A Committee may if desired also make special regulations governing the use of its Club by holders of tickets whose permanent habitation is within a radius of ten miles of the Club premises.
(e) On ceasing from whatever cause to be a permanent member of an inter-affiliated Club, the holder of a ticket undertakes to deliver up such ticket to the Secretary of the said Club, or to the A.C.C. Ltd.

(a) Every Member shall be permitted to introduce guests to the Club premises, but the same guest shall not be admitted to the Club premises more than four times within a period of one calendar month, unless special consent be obtained from the Committee. Intoxicating liquor may be sold to the guests of Members for consumption on the premises only.
The Committee reserves the right to refuse the admission of any guest if in their opinion it is desirable in the interests of the Club.
(b) Members of other Clubs or other organisations who have been invited to take part in organised games, tournaments or other recreational activities held on the Club premises and Members, Officials and supporters of visiting teams invited to participate in the same, and persons attending at the Club premises to attend a meeting or function held in the name of the The Conservative Party may, at the discretion of the Committee, be admitted to the Club premises as guests of Members and intoxicating liquor may be sold to such persons for consumption on the Club premises only.
(c) Intoxicating liquor may be sold for consumption on the Club premises to guests attending any function on the Club premises which has been authorised by the Committee, provided that any such function shall be organised and supervised by at least one Member who is present throughout the duration of such function, and the same shall apply to such other functions which may from time-to-time be held on the Club premises within the scope permitted by the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 in respect of Temporary Event Notices.
The name of any person admitted to the Club premises, and where appropriate, the name of the Member who introduced that person, shall be written in the A.C.C. Members' Guest Book which shall be kept for that purpose on the Club premises.
No person who has been expelled from this or any other Conservative Club affiliated to or inter-affiliated with the Association of Conservative Clubs Limited, or who at the request of the Committee, has resigned from membership, or who, having been a candidate for election, has been rejected, or who is indebted to the Club (see Rule 15), shall be admitted as a guest.
The Committee may suspend or vary Rule 52 at any time and for such period as they may think fit.
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