History - St. Marychurch & Babbacombe Conservative Club

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Car Park

Short History

The Club was founded by a few staunch Conservatives. The premises used, were two rooms in Fore Street, St. Marychurch. These premises soon proved inadequate and in October 1885 the new St. Marychurch and Babbacombe Conservative Club was formally opened in Hampton Place. As the popularity of the Club grew, it was enlarged by the addition of the adjoining house. As time went on and the Wards of St. Marychurch developed into Conservative strongholds, even these premises were insufficient. In 1929 therefore, a large house called "Argotti", in Manor Road was purchased. Alterations were made, a billiard room for three tables added, a nine hole putting green installed on the front lawn and a car park made. (The putting green is now a part of the car park.)
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